Friday, February 5, 2010

Hadoo's Favorite Sub Sandwiches

Mar and I love Subway! It's one of our very favorite places to eat.  About a year ago, I got turned on to peppers on my sandwiches. A softball mom brought sandwiches one day to one of Macy's games and they had red peppers in them.  It made the sandwich so much better. Recently, I started adding green peppers to my sandwiches when we go to Subway and they are so good! I decided that I could probably make some sub sandwiches at home and sure enough, they were really easy to make.  We eat them at least 4 times a week...probably more. I'm always going to the store to buy more ham, peppers, and tomatoes.  Also, it saves money and a drive to Subway. Don't get me wrong.....I'll always love a good Subway sandwich!!

Here are the ingredients: Ham (or whatever kind of meat you like), cheese slices, mayo, peppers, tomato slices, hoagie rolls, salt and pepper.

I turn my oven on broil and toast the bread on both sides.

After toasting the bread, I put 2 pieces of ham on one side followed by cheese.  I put pepper jack (makes it a little spicy) and colby jack.  I only put colby jack on mine today because I am going to be eating cupcakes tonight so I wanted to save the 80 calories! :)  Put back in the oven until cheese melts.  While the cheese is melting, put mayo on the other half of the sandwich followed by salt and pepper.  After the cheese melts, take out of oven, flip the ham and cheese to the mayo'd side of the hoagie and put mayo on the other side (the one you just flipped the ham and cheese off of....did that make any sense at all?).  Add tomato and peppers and VOILA!

Delicious sandwich!!!
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